Video Services

Video marketing is the future for ALL business. And it’s here NOW!

Using video clips to get your message across works so much better than plain old boring text. And now it has never been easier to shoot a video and post it on the internet. You can do this yourself, but how different would it look if it was shot by a professional film crew and edited by experienced professionals?


With video your potential customers can sit back and listen to the message you want to get across personally. People buy from people they know, like and trust. How much passion can you insert into text? With a video clip people will see instantly how passionate and dedicated you are to your business, and to provide the best service available. For this reason alone video is the way forward but there are several more reasons why you would need video in the future.

Internet supremacy (SEO Benefits)

All major search engines such as Google now offer masses of video content. Websites with video clips which have keywords linked to them are picked up quicker than plain old text websites. You need to be a part of it, don’t be the last to embrace it. You know for sure your competitors are a part of it.

NOTE: Did you know that Google owns YouTube? Post your video there and you have twice the power of getting your message across.

Social Spread (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to share interesting links. If you have your own video on the major sites it drastically increases your chances of exposure. But a word of warning, once it’s there it’s there….Just bear in mind that people are more likely to share an interesting video they come across rather than a text newspaper article, or lines of text on your website.

Most social websites also optimise video content for mobile phones, thus making it easy to see your video.

NOTE: Did you know there are more smart phones in UK than there are toothbrushes?

Website pulling power (Customers experience)

As pointed out above, 7 out of 10 people prefer to watch video than read text. Video is also easy to understand. If you have a product manual about how to use your product, how easier would it be for people to watch someone actually use the product you are trying to sell?

Video also offers a personal experience. It puts a face to a brand or product. It installs trust and helps potential customers get to know the person they will be buying from.

More information is retained by most people from watching a video than reading

Always be selling (Have a pitch already for customers to watch)

If you need business from direct sales, video is the perfect way to present your products or service. You can have a sales pitch on your website. Your video will do the selling for you. You only have to watch any shopping channel to see how that works. This is also very good for the viewer, as they can watch what you do 24 hours. Why not have several clips guiding your potential clients around your site, and make it an adventure. The longer the client stays on your website the more likely they are going to use your services or buy from you.

Be data Savvy (Data capture and information management)

When anyone visits your website you are effectively already getting data. With video you can find out how, when, and where people are using your site. If you are clever enough with video you can even prompt them to fill out a data form. Use this to call them back. What a service you are providing!

Be one of the big boys (Who else is using video online?)

Producing a video and getting online is relatively easy these days. And every big company is doing it. Look on Facebook or Google. You will see that eventually advertising online with video will be as normal as watching TV. So why not be a part of it? Many online brands simply use what they made for TV as there online adverts. You can too!

All in all, video marketing is highly beneficial for improving brand recognition and customer retention. Online businesses that haven’t jumped onto the video

bandwagon already should look at it as a serious option for improving the quality of their websites.

OUCH! How Much? (The Costs)

Before you start thinking ok, need to do, but got no money – Think again!!!

Omni Local offers a professional video shoot, and final editing of a video for FREE!

All you need to do is agree to advertise in Omni Local for a fixed period of time. If you still want a video clip professional made without advertising then Omni Local offers a fixed price video shoot. The costs are detailed below.


Fixed advertising terms for FREE service are as follows –

Quarter Page – Min advertising period – 12 months

Half Page – Min advertising period – 9 months

Full Page – Min advertising period – 6 months

(Only 2 hours film crew on set, editing time is limited, and the clip will be no longer than 2 minutes.).


Standard package £350.00

(Only 2 hours film crew on set, editing time is limited, and the clip will be no longer than 2 minutes.).


£65.00 per hour after basic package


£120.00 per hour after basic package


Animated Video Services


Firstly “WT Heck”? What are whiteboard videos?

Video is second to none at getting your message understood a lot quicker, and putting video on your website has huge benefits for your SEO and google ratings. This goes without saying that if you are also storing your videos on then you are on to a winner when it comes to being found online.

In fact videos have become so vital that video is used in every level of today’s digital marketing strategies for every type of company, big or small. One of the main reasons for this is because videos are can add a whopping 300% to your conversion rate. I know of several companies who don’t even pitch anymore, they just show a video!

With the ease and access to the internet, everyone is using media on almost every electrical device they can get their hands on. If you get the right video, the attention can span across the world.

Not everyone has the budget to make a professional video or have the time or confidence to get up and stand in front of a camera. This is where Whiteboard or Sketch video comes into play!

What is whiteboard animation video?

It is exactly what it says! It’s an animated video which is set on a white board with a moving drawing.

It can be done in several ways, one of the main type is a hand moving very fast which appears to be drawing an image or text. It is hypnotic and maintains the viewer’s attention.

Because of the engagement it attracts you can then use this time to get your message across, and with the right message, you can work with the emotions of the person watching the video. This helps you win more business, get a message across, encourage longer time on your website or simply show-case your services or USP.

They say a thousand words, but video shouts a lot louder, and a lot quicker! Websites with words lose essential attention, but a great video can make you laugh, smile, cry or buy, within seconds.

How do we start?

Initially we would need an exact brief detailing the following information

What is the video going to be use for?

– Selling a product, Marketing, Testimonials, Sales Training, Event promotion, or Product Demo etc.

Where will the video be displayed?

– YouTube, Website, QR for printed promotional material?

Is there a company strap line, or what is the clear message you want to get across?

– Eg. Simply the best! We won’t stop!

What’s the call to action?

– Buy now? Visit here? Try before you buy? Etc.

Who is the video targeted at?

– Teenagers, Single mums, Company Directors

What senses are you wanting to trap?

– Humour? Seriousness? Urgency? Informative?

And Finally –

– What are the colours you want to use?

– What kind of voice over? Male or Female?

– Are there any images you want us to use?

– Is there any kind of music you want in the background?

Basically the more information you can provide us, the better!

Based on the information you give us, we will try and search our stock of videos or find something that is similar and make sure we hit the brief before we get started. We will then start building you video with everything we have at hand. Before the final version you will be sent a link to the video for pre-edit. You will get to make a couple of changes, and then one final change at the final edit stage.

Once you have approved the final version you will be sent a copy of the video in MP4 format. We can send you a copy in a different format, but this involves further costs.