Telesales & Marketing

Omni Local offers telemarketing services to small and medium-sized companies with a wide range of telephone operated services. We operate with a strictly friendly but professional tailor-made service, adapting to assist and develop our client’s needs. From helping to find new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients and/or find out what our client’s business means to its customers.

We also assist in data cleansing and building a new database or maintaining and updating an existing one. Your database has a value and is full of potential new sales and business.

We make sure you have the right information for every single customer.

We take time to understand your business intimately, we get to understand your targets and become ambassadors for your company. We are team players with only one goal, which is to make your company more successful.

The services we provide:-

Data Cleansing or Database Building

Purchasing a database is an easy way to find contacts. However too often they are out of date, full of wrong phone numbers and sometimes even the companies have gone out of business. Building your own database and keeping it up to date is the best way to own and run the information about your customers. We can build databases for you, and the database we build on your behalf is done so with your company and your target customers in mind. This process can be costly time-wise, however when done righ,t is an invaluable asset to you and your sales team.

If you already have a database then we can tidy this up for you, and make sure all the details you have are correct, as getting access to your target customers instantly saves time in the long run. This process should be done first before tackling any of the other services we offer.

Mailing out Services

We offer a complete mail shot service. We work with you to draw up sales letters which can be emailed, sent by post or included in your literature. Anything we send out via email or post will be added to your database, and will include the follow up details required which will efficiently maximise any promotional campaign you already have.

Telephone canvassing

Once you have a database, we will tailor-make a telemarketing campaign that maximises your product or services for every call, together with you we build a script that ensures we achieve the best results. This is an area most people find challenging, and not to mention time consuming. We are specialists in this area. However there are no short cuts. When you run your own business any rejection can be hard to accept and it takes time to build strong relationships, and in time loyalty. With our approach we take rejection positively, and find out how to turn a ‘no’ into ‘maybe’, and then into an order.

We also include our mail out service and will send out any literature or sales pack which you have. This is then followed up by our lead generation service, should you employ us to do

Lead Generation

We offer you our time and e xpertise to make sure you never miss out on any potential orders from following up enquiries from your website or your emails, calling someone you have met at a networking club or trade show, or following up on literature you have sent out and to people who have visited your store. We also speak to people on your database who you have contacted, have followed you on Twitter or Facebook or just following up from calls you have already made and not had the time to revisit.

Appointment Making

We call clients to book appointments, if you don’t have the time to chase those contacts you have made, leave it to us. We will get you every important appointment you need. We also work with your sales executives to book their time efficiently and save their time.

Order Chasing

If you have made that important sale and need someone to follow up and chase the final order, we can make that call a sale. If you have sent out quotes and not followed them up we can turn those quotes to leads again or even close that sale.

Invoice and Payment Chasing

Many small business owners have a great relationship with their customers. Chasing any payments can be embarrassing or make the business owner feel like they are breaking some confidence with their customer. It can all sometimes be a little too personal. We can manage debt chasing on your behalf without it getting personal. How far you need to chase your customers is entirely up to you. But at the end of the day, if a customer is not going pay, how are you going to pay your bills?

Customer satisfaction and customer research

Finding out exactly what people think of your products or services is vital if you want to improve what you offer, and if you don’t know what people really think then how can you grow your business? Many people will tell you that your services are great, fantastic, the best, but what are they really saying to others? People don’t tell you what they are thinking about you, but they would be more honest with someone who is independent. No matter how hard bad news is to take, it’s an opportunity to improve and if it’s good news then you know what you need to do more of. In this instance knowledge really is the power!

Why use our services?

Setting up telemarketing inhouse is expensive. What happens when they are sick, quit or just not delivering the results you need? Outsourcing your telesales activity has so many rewards. Not only will you have a dedicated team of people working to improve the sales for your company which in turn increases profit, but you will also save money. You won’t need to invest in expensive telephone lines or contracts, have extra payrolls to take care of, health and insurance, or holiday pay, you don’t even have the hassle of recruiting full time staff.

Just one call to us and we take care of everything.

Using our services is easier and cheaper than you think. We have a wide range of services which can fit any budget you may have in mind, and there is no long term contract required.

You can simply hire us for a minimum of 3 hours. Because of the short term flexibility we offer you can use our services when you need to.

When it comes to telemarketing services Omni Local is first class. Every single one of our team is confident, friendly, experienced and passionate about sales. We are more than confident that we offer the best solution to any of your telemarketing promotion or campaigns, and you will feel we are a part of your team achieving your goals.

So call John on 07898 870 870 and ask for a free consultation or advice.