Business Tip of the Month: Telesales

How do you find business today?
Would you consider what you are doing selling?
Hands Up who doesn’t like cold calling or has never done it!

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People generally hate a cold call – Giving and receiving!

There is a misconception that cold calling or telesales has some kind of sleazy image.
People hate rejection – but it happens… people make it too personal towards themselves… nobody likes getting called out of the blue and being sold to.
Not only that, but there has been a lot of bad reputation built on the back of PPI – Accidents etc!
Its not liked, mainly because your telesales are really about interrupting someone’s pattern in their day!

I have built several businesses on the back of telesales….it’s the cheapest and quickest way to find sales and inject cash into ANY business…….What I hope I can show you here is that it doesn’t have to be cold, doesn’t have to be sleazy and hopefully I can give you the confidence to make SALES calls…..

SO, even if you have never does telesales before, or if you are an established telesales professional – this blog is set up to help everyone!

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5 Simple Lessons
1. What guarantees rejection? – WHEN IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.
Within the first 20 seconds you need to make sure you get more time!

Imagine you are in a bar. You have just been introduced to a friend of a friend……and then he or she starts the conversation like this – (and we have all met one of these people!)
Hi My name is Martin, I drive a Ferrari, I own a big house, earn lots of money and have such an amazing life! I don’t need anything or anyone…….blah blah blah……oh and last year we went of several holidays…..dont you just like my life?”

I can guarantee you may be saying to yourself, ‘what an ass….how do I get away from this person ASAP?’
This is because we are only interested in people that are interested in us! Martin is only interested in himself! Can you see how that works?
If not, our fight or flight instinct kicks in because we want to prevent ourselves from being bored to death or even outshone.

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So why would YOU do this to someone you have never met?
It’s typical for someone on the end of the phone selling to you to say, “Is that Mr Smith?
– Before you can even reply, they bust into a script — We are XYZILLION CO, we sell the best widgets in the world! We offer the best service, the lowest cost and we are much better than our competitors! I want to come and see you and show you why we are the best!
Can I come and waste even more of your time?”

How do you feel when you hear this…Hang Up – How do I get rid of the caller?
If you do, you will find a lead sometime, but it will beat you up and the time versus results will diminish your confidence with rejections and no sales coming in.

2. Understand why you are calling
– Do you want to set up an appointment?
– Do you want to send them something?

3. Telesales should not be a numbers game
If you had a pay as you go phone, and you only had £2.70 to make calls….. each call costs you 15p….. and you have a list of 100 people you would like to call. Which of these 100 would you try and call before your money ran out? Having this focus actually helps you decide who is important to call. Who would you more than likely get a result from, and who helps you prioritise your SALES calls…….the easy way to do this is – Where is the money in this call list?

But also – Do some homework about the person you are going to call!

  • You may have met them at an Omni Local Business Networking Meeting
  • They may have been a referral
  • Look at press releases
  • They may be advertising online or in a magazine like Omni Local – etc
  • Get to know something about them so you can have a human conversation…….
  • Once you understand these processes then you can focus on a script!

4. Three solid parts of any telesales script
WHAT YOU SAY IN THE FIRST 20 Seconds counts!

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Having a script might seem repetitive and boring, but it will help you keep on track.
Stopping someone engaging their fight or flight mode in 20sec is difficult! But if you don’t, 99 out of 100 calls will fail.
Having a great script might not come easy or you may not get it right the first time, but if you have one, you can improve with each call made. Once you have one….YOU MUST KNOW IT BY HEART and not read it when you are calling…..

Reading a script will make you sound like you don’t care, or come across as just another telesales call. On top of this, you may lose your place in the script and find it hard to get back into the flow! Record the objections and build this as your secondary script.

3 things needed without fail:
1. Who are YOU
2. Why are you calling

But remember –
Put yourself in their world when you think about what you are going to say!
Of course you need to know who you are calling…
BUT YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT THEM – Your research will give you a reason as to why you are calling.
What has worked extremely well for me is – “Hi XYZ”, or if it’s a company, just lead in with –
“Hi, my name is John, have I caught you at a bad time?”
You will get:
Yes – “Sorry, I’ll call back, when would be much better?“
No – “Great…….”
Yes, but… – This means they are interested, or may be open to listening… you would state, “I saw your XYZ moment…” and ask if there is a better time to call.

EG> “I saw your advert in the local Gazette. How is it going for you?”
EG> “I saw your friend Geoff at a networking meeting last week, he suggested I give you a call, he thinks we could work well together, could you tell me more about your business or what it is you guys do?”
EG> “Congratulations I saw you raised £2000 for charity!”

I really try hard not to give away who I am until I have got their tone or have a few words first. This helps you keep your train of thought, which belongs to them – This is who am I talking to…this is a great way to get past the first 20 seconds.

But if asked, I would say, I am John from XYZ and I was really interested to know more about YOU (keep this short and sweet)! Don’t go into ANY detail, turn the conversation back to them and don’t be tempted to sell or say why you are calling.

Once you are comfortable about the conversation you can then talk about yourself! – BUT KEEP IT BRIEF… Ask questions as you go!
This is what you would then say:
“I am calling because I have recently helped save companies like XYZ save around 40% on XYZ services (Or raised extra money, ETC).
Business at your level of time/money is precious, so I’d like to keep this brief. I am keen to see IFI can help YOU!
I have seen your website, and it has left me with a couple of questions, could you just help me with a couple things? If I can’t help, then no worries…..but even still, I’ll keep your details and pass on to anyone I know who may be interested in what you do.

Then once you have this permission, you have more time to get to their pains, understand buying triggers and you can take passive control.
The more conversation the better… will build trust
Once you feel you are certain to get what you are looking for, set up a meeting by expressing that you are sure you can help them and you are keen to work together, or send them your material. Make sure you agreed an exact time to call back.

This approach works because:

  • I have not actually said what I do
  • It’s not about ME ME ME
  • It shows I have done some research and I am taking them into account….not just a cold call
  • It has stated a benefit
  • It has said that you have other companies in their sector
  • It has pointed out a common pain – time/money
  • It’s asking permission to take more of their time – engaging
  • Using the word IF at the end creates intrigue – You are not trying to close a sale, you are seeing if you can help! ….and you are offering referrals!
  • If you ask the right questions, you will get to know what their issues are….what pains you can solve and you will get to know the words the person uses. This would be a whole other topic……

“WE are the best in market“
“I WANT to show you how”
“I NEED you to see”
“Let me TEACH YOU”
Or anything like this…’s all to forceful and its about YOU and YOUR control.

DON’T ALSO USE JARGON – Don’t say things like:
“Cutting Edge Technology”
“Forefront of the future”
“Mind Blowing”
All of these are too cheesy!

YES/NO is too risky! There is a chance of a NO which is about 85%. Unless you are certain you will get a YES…..Like “Is your name Steve?”

5. Rejection ????
– Even after you have gone through this you may still get someone who says no…that’s fine, but at least you made the call.
If you are absolutely convinced that you or your services genuinely offer help to others, then you are more than 90% there, and you are merely asking them to show you how.

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KEEP A RECORD – Results, Objections, Number of Calls, Targets etc – helps improve!
Remember why you called…do you want an appointment or to send them a brochure in the post?

NEVER DEBATE – Even if you are right, you will lose!

For more advice on telesales, get in touch with me directly at

Business Tip: Vision Boards

Vision Boards

I try to help everyone in my daily life, and one of my favorite things is shooting ideas from the hip. Some are creditable and some seem completely mad….either way doing something is always better than doing nothing. I suggested to someone a while ago to have a vision board and they had no idea what I was talking about. The topic of a vision board also came up during one of the many networking meetings I went to. So in this blog, I am going to show why you would want one, how to make one and will explain how they work!

So what is a vision board?

A vision board is a set of images, notes, inspirational quotes or clippings that are located somewhere for you to look at every day. It’s a bit like a cartoon story board, but for life.

Some like to have their vision board in their place of work, where they can see it at all times. There are different types of vision boards, but I am talking about a desire type of vision board. This is designed to help you achieve everything you want out of life.

A vision board should be the center of everything you want to be, desire, achieve and to have in your life. Your vision board is extremely personal and something which you can’t just copy. The images, quotes and anything else included on your vision board should be your true desires and represent everything you dream for.

It’s a daily reminder of what you want out of life for yourself, and possibly your loved ones around you.

Why would you have one?

I would reply, “Why not? What harm can it do?.” If you have ever been to my office, you will see I have a very simple one. I have 3 sheets of paper on the wall. The first sheet is my business for sale. It details turnover, profit and the eventual sale price. The second is the car I will buy when I sell the business and then the third one is the house I would put a deposit on with the change of buying the car. Now mine is very narrow but it works. When it’s hot outside and my friends are in a beer garden, I look at my vision board and it motivates me to stay and get the job done!

Your vision board may be to keep you on track, have a sense of a target or even something to dream about on a stressful day. Nothing wrong with having dreams right?

How do you start building a vision board?

You will need:

A source of images – Internet, magazines, photos showing any image of what you want.

Poster Board or Space on a wall

Glue or Blu Tack


This is a lot of fun! Seriously, the sky is the limit. I would advise you to sit down and really imagine where you would like to be, what you want to be and most of all how you feel about getting everything you truly desire. You need to make sure you have no distractions, turn off the TV and switch off the phone. This is all about YOU!

Like all projects, I always say start at the end. Imagine what your life looks like and then work back from there. Build a list of everything you want. Forget about the images or statement to be too big or unachievable.

Do a real brain dump of absolutely everything you want. I would suggest making a large pot of your favorite coffee, tea or open your favorite bottle of wine, and scribble down everything!


Get as many magazines, images, quotes or statements as you can to match or represent everything your heart and soul desires. You can do this in stages, and you may not find the perfect image which matches what you want, so always be on the lookout for the nice things you are looking for. Go for it….Don’t hold back. GET MORE THAN YOU NEED. Don’t forget to clip out any words to text that you find positive, and anything which makes you smile.

You then need to go and find a space big enough for you to stick all your images to. You can buy a poster board, or canvass, but simply making a space on a wall is good enough. Just remember the location is important.

Then find a really nice photo of yourself. Make sure it’s a good one! Nothing from bad hair days or hungover from the night before….A really nice photo of you at your best! (I’ll come back to why later).

Now that you have all your desires in text or images, start taking out anything which you are not really interested in. Make sure the images you have are what truly represent what you want. If you have two or three images of the same thing, then it is clear that’s what you’re looking for. You have to try and keep hold of your dream here, but be clear about what you REALLY want.

Now start sticking these chosen images to the outside of the board or space and leave the centre empty. If you are someone who likes things to be formal and really organized, you can have images of health in one area, wealth in another, happiness in one corner and so on. I would just suggest getting started and making it happen. Once you have everything you truly desire stuck to your vision board, place the good photo of yourself in the centre.

The idea behind this is that when you can see yourself, surrounded with images of the things you want and who you want to become, the house you want to buy, the holiday you are looking for… your mind is tricked into thinking that you must have that lifestyle.

It may take a while, but if you are truly dedicated to everything you want out of life then your whole life will start to work towards the goal you have set yourself.

You only get one life, why settle for second best?

I’d love to hear if you have had any experience with building your vision board, or if you want any advice. Give me a call or drop me an email.