QR Codes


We offer new and unique cutting edge QR mobile websites. Our unique and bespoke service ensures your services and details are available 24 hours a day using our exclusive Sites and QR technology. Our QR sites work much like most websites, however using a QR code ensures that if someone is interested in what you do, they see your information without getting lost on a Google search.

Using our technology, any potential client can scan our unique QR code, and view everything they need to know about your business within seconds. The QR site is dedicated to your business and not subject to pop up adverts, competing companies and within seconds a viewer can complete the following actions :–

– View your website

– Click and call you

– Get a Google street view

– Watch a video about the services you provide

– Send you an email

– Request a call back

According to our research, most people when they find something they are interested in buying often search for the company name on Google. Most of the time the potential customer is lost because of other competing businesses or even typing in the wrong URL address or name. Using our QR code eliminates this problem as it directs the same person to your page within seconds.

How to use the QR Code:

Once we have given you your unique QR code, you will need to put it everywhere.

– On your business cards

– On ALL your printed literature such as flyers, leaflets, posters and letters

– In your shop window

– You could even print it on the outside of the letters you send

– Like and link to your business of Facebook and Twitter


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?

There is an initial set up fee of just £99.00 per year, after that we simply charge you £4.50 per month.

How does this benefit my business?

Apart from the obvious benefits detailed above, it can save you the cost of business cards.

Anyone who is interested in your business can simply scan your QR code and all your details are there in an instant.

Can I advertise on the QR code websites?

Simple answer is YES. We can tailor make each QR code to display any kind of advertising you want. But there will be additional costs.

What’s all the fuss about QR codes?

QR codes are here to stay. Every smart phone can either download an app or already has the technology installed. Did you know :-

 There are now 81.6 million mobile subscriptions in the UK

 Three per cent of UK households now rely on a smart phone as their sole means of home Internet access, and is getting bigger year on year, but today that means – 1.8m people are using their mobile phone only to trawl the Internet on their mobile phones.

 36% of all Internet searches are now done on smart phones and more than 50% of searches are carried out using mobile devices

 An estimated 24.0 million (37.8%) of the population use a smart phone.

And to finish – FACT – There are more smart phones in the UK than there are toothbrushes, and 97% of people use their mobile phone as an alarm clock with 87% using this feature daily.

Who designs the mobile websites and QR codes?

We have a standard QR site template, which we can tailor-make to suit your business. Once we have your logo, address details and any additional information you want us to display, we design the rest. All you need to do is send us this information on a Word.doc (or the excel sheet we have designed for you).

Are there any additional hidden costs?

Absolutely not! There is a yearly subscription fee of £99.00 and then a monthly cost for each QR site. You could even have one for each type of service you provide.

Will the QR Code be exclusive?

Unlike most mobile websites, the QR site we build for you is EXCLUSIVE to you and your business. It will be branded with your logo.

Is there a renewal cost if the property has not been sold or let within the agreed time?

There are absolutely no additional costs, this means no maintenance costs, no admin fees, and no update costs. Just simply renew the details. NO HIDDEN COSTS whatsoever! Just the agreed monthly cost and the yearly subscription!

Can I track who is viewing the details?

Due to internet privacy laws, and Google rules, we cannot pass on any information about the people who view details. However we can tell you what kind of device, when and where the details where viewed. This can be given to you on a monthly basis via our analytics report, which you can view online.

Why not see how it works?

(This is one already up and running)

If you advertise a quarter page or more in Omni Local

Annual Subscription set up fee – FREE

Monthly Fee – £4.50 per month

If you just want QR Site Service

Set up fee – £99.00

(One off for standard service and renewable annually)

Monthly Fee – £5.00