Omni Local Kingston Xmas & New Year 2016 Edition

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Hello everyone!

This is most likely the best time of year for this message! We have had an amazing year! When I think back about 2016 it will be one of the most memorable. There have been some bad moments, and a huge list of loved icons passing away, but there’s so much more going on!

It’s been a monumental year in politics, with the change of President in the USA, and agree or not, Brexit! But, looking back at the positive things – we have had Tim Peake, an astronaut from Sussex coming back from Space, The Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday, Andy Murray crowned No1 in the world, Pokemon getting people wandering around while staring into phones, a meteor shower and Super Moon, the Olympics and the shocking exit of British Bake off no longer running on the BBC!

This month, we have 2 new advertisers- Moksha on page 41 and Synergy Worldwide on page 33 – make sure you check them out! The year is not over! There are so many events happening around Kingston. Christmas Choirs, Concerts, The Craft Fair and lots of shops, (by now) packed with treats for the Christmas festivities! No matter what your faith or beliefs are, it’s a nice time of the year! It’s starting to get cold out there, so please remember those who may be vulnerable! If you need to ask someone if they need help, they most likely do! Don’t ask, just offer! (if there is anything we can do to help, let us know).

On a little personal note, our puppy is now 3 months old….he has tripled in weight and is still stopping traffic with people wanting to say hello to him! He has passed the yelping at night stage, so more sleep is had by all! The door bell has gone, deliveries from Amazon……Ohhh pressies!!! Have a wonderful festive holiday and Ill be raising my glass at New Year’s for you all. In the meantime, please stay safe!
Kind regards John

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