Monthly Business Tip: Data Cleaning – SORTED

Many of those who know me, know me personally or through one email sent or another, so today I did something for the first time…

I went through my LONDON Embankment Networking list of contacts and actually asked everyone who I have not spoken to personally in a while, if they wanted to stay on the list!

It took a little bit of wincing and guts to actually ask the question. Mainly because data is data right?

NO! The RIGHT Data is the real data. The real “Alpha” list are the people I would rather spend time engaging with, but more importantly I don’t want to waste my time calling and chasing people who think I am a pain in the ass!

On top of that, I would prefer to go and find NEW people…If not only to keep my brain entertained, but to keep the networking groups alive.

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What’s more exciting is, I personally emailed over 80 people (took me less than an hour). Within half an hour, 6 have said NO THANKS, 10 emails are out of date, 9 people have said please keep calling and 10 have said sorry, been busy, but please book me into the next meeting………Awesome, no?

Almost a third have responded one way or the other, and I now know about half of the rest of my database are live, interested and I can call with confidence!

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So why do this?

Saves time

Now I know that later in the month I don’t have to call 16 people. 10 have asked to be booked in next time round, 6 have said NO THANKS…..Saves me a heap of time!


I also know now that 10 emails are out of date. This gives me a fresh reason to call. I’ll get feedback and I can make sure I am staying in touch!


10 New Bookings! = At least £250 revenue! – For 1 hour of time invested. How many hours can I get this sort of return on time?


For those who responded now trust that I am not just interested in spamming and sending out ”it’s all about me” emails. they also know that I respect their time and I don’t want to waste it.


I now know how much my data is up to date, and who my Alpha crowd is! This will enable me to ask for testimonials, opinions and more importantly – upsell when I offer new products or services!


Real Data, real time……



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