Email & Video Marketing


EMAIL & VIDEO Marketing Service

We offer a first class email marketing service.

We offer 2 types of email marketing, video or simple text.

Email marketing can be a real chore, and even sometimes tricky. We offer bespoke email marketing services. Staying in touch with your valued clients is very important.

Using email marketing doesn’t have to be junk or spam. If you have a special offer, or a new service you want to tell your clients about then email marketing is a great way to do this.

Here are some reasons why –

 Reach a WIDE Client base

Sending out an email has a wide reach. You can contact as many people as you like within seconds, and anyone who receives an email can immediately access any message you are trying to get across

 An Excellent Return

Sending out an email marketing campaign costs less than any other form of advertising or direct marketing. You can also drive traffic to your website by

embedding links in your messages

 Improve Your Company Awareness and Build a Better Customer Relationship, provided you send out the right messages on a regular basis, if you have the correct format and subject, your company logo can reinforce your company’s image and product awareness. Provided it is done right, a good email will create an interactive connection and encourages quality customer relations

 Easy, Measurable Results

Every email you send out can be measured in detail through open-up, click-through and conversion rates and assists you to measure any success you are looking to achieve. Once studied, you can use the data to fine-tune any future strategies

 Customised and Tailor-Made

Provided you are using a solid database, when you start a wide campaign you can tailor-make the message you want to send out. When doing this you can take into account age, postcode and even last date of contact

How does it work?

You simply let us know what kind of template and how you want your message to look, and then send us the content. We will then offer you advice built on the type of message you want to send. Once you are happy, we then send you a test email. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, we then send this out to a database you provide.

Simply send us the video message you would like to send, and a list of the email addresses you wish to send your message to, and we will do the rest. Once we have sent out your message, we can give you all the stats. Our video email service can also tell you when the video was viewed by your target clients!

We can tell you how many were rejected, how many were opened and how many actually read the email. If you have hyperlinks in your email, we can even let you know how many clicked on the links.

If you advertise a quarter page or more in Omni Local

Monthly set up fee – FREE

Video Email – £25.00 per 1,000

Standard Email – £20.00 per 1,000

If you just want text email or video service

Set up fee – £55.00 (One off for standard template, no charge if same format is used again)

Video Email – £35.00 per 1,000

Standard Email – £25.00 per 1,000