Direct Marketing

FACT — Direct Targeted Marketing has a 300% better response than a leaflet through the door.

In today’s world, marketing has become massive. Knowing which direction to head in can be very confusing and if you have a really tight budget, knowing where to spend your money can be frustrating. Do you go online, distribute leaflets, advertise locally or directly telephone canvass? All of these methods have their successes and pitfalls.

Online marketing can get some great results, but it can be costly, and there is no real guarantee you will get your message across. There is also so much competition! I prefer to look a little more direct, and LOCAL.

Direct mail marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth. All you have to do to decide is how much you are willing to pay, and how much each client is worth to you. If you spend £50.00 to get your message out to 100 people and you make just one sale, is that customer worth spending £50.00? In my opinion, absolutely!

According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), the response is 3.4%. This is far better than the estimated 0.12% return on email marketing, and less than 1% return for leaflet distribution. On top of this, according to a recent study 50% of people pay more attention to direct mail, as opposed to an advert in a newspaper.

Omni Local Shaking Hands

My tip within a tip is to make sure you know your target customer. Make sure your message appeals to the type of clients you are looking for. Quantity is definitely not better than quality here. DON’T JUST SEND OUT 100′s and wait for the phone to ring.
This is because a nice written letter or a well-designed postcard or flyer appeals to one of many senses. FEEL. This is something an email just can’t do! Imagine something coming through your letterbox, addressed to you personally, and the envelope feels like it has a gift inside. Would you throw it in the bin without opening it first? I recently did some direct mail marketing, where I posted a copy of the magazine, a Kit Kat and a letter which read “Relax, Take a Break and read Omni Local.” What sort of response do you think I got when I called to make sure they received it?

Needless to say, it wasn’t cold, and it wasn’t a confrontational first call at all.

We offer a direct mail service, and depending on what you want to do, we can design, print and send out a postcard which is personally addressed to your direct target market, for less than the price of a first class stamp. What’s more, if you use our database, we can drill the data down to postcodes, age, sex, hobbies, value of home and annual income.

You have 2 options, supply us with the data, (which you can follow up after) or we can send out your postcards or letters to our database. The only difference between each service is you can’t follow up the mail shot if you don’t give us the data unless you buy the list of contact details at a small cost.

So next time you are short of LONG TERM customers, consider direct mail as an option.