Direct Mail Marketing

In an ever increasing digital age, postal mail or Direct Mail has too often been over looked and the results of Direct Marketing are shocking to most people! Direct Mail has around 30 times more responses than ANY email campaign. It has also been proven to be an essential marketing activity which brings in sales and results almost instantly, and also has a high rate of return on investment. If you want instant results then you should be looking at Direct Mail.

We provide a tried and tested Direct Mail service which is tailor made to suit your needs at competitive prices. You can use our service to stay in touch with your existing clients, launch any special offers or services and products, or set up an advertising activity to draw in new business, all at the same time as raising awareness of your business.

Direct Mail can be versatile, we can design, print and mail out ANY kind of Direct Mail, from an invitation A5 post card to an envelope containing samples and is just as effective if you are looking for B2B clients or B2C!

You can even set up a structured email campaign as an ongoing basis.

So why Direct Mail?

– Email Marketing is now less successful and too easy to unsubscribe, and very easy to ignore

– Email Marketing results are dropping year on year

– Direct mail is 30 times more successful than email

– If you personally address your Direct Mail, you get more focus and attention

– Direct emails can be cheaper than leaflet distribution

– Streamlined and targeted

– Immediate responses

– Quick returns on investment

– Offers great support to your other marketing activities

How It Works

Firstly you need to decide who your target is. This is where our service has real Value!

Everything starts at the end result you want to achieve. We will discuss who you are trying to communicate with and what you want to achieve from your direct mail activity. Once this has been agreed we can then establish which kind of direct mail you need. This can be anything from an A6 postcard with a voucher to an envelope with samples of your product.

Client, Prospect or Customer Database

Once we have established who you want to deliver your message to, then we need the data. You can either provide us with your own database, or we send out your direct mail to our database.

You may have been collecting your customer’s information from the first point of contact which is useful, but many don’t collect this data.

You can use our database source to search for your exact client profile. We will search every detail you need. You can state the age, gender, income, postcode, profession, interests and hobbies, when they brought their home and even what kind of car the drive. The more exact you are, the less the result. However the more precise you can be, the more effective your direct mail will be.

Furthermore you need to make sure that you address the envelope or postcard personally! The best results come from something which is personally addressed rather the Dear Homeowner to The Director. We have all this data!


The next stage is the design. Again, you can send us your own design or we can design this for you. Our designs have been proven to get results. If you do want to provide your own artwork, then we would be on hand to give you our expert advice.

Post & Distribute

Targeted Direct Mail is generally sent to destinations which are spread over a wide area. Using our postal service is the most efficient and cost effective way of getting your message out. That being said, we can deliver your Direct Mail to 100 or 100,000 homes or businesses. If you are looking for volume, then we provide a first class leaflet distribution service, however this would not be an efficient target marketing activity.

The average cost to send out just a single letter is around £1.00. On top of this there is the time factor, and then making sure your addressee is personalised. Omni can do all this from just 72p!

You can use Direct Mail for so many business building activities!

– A personal Invite to a product or launch

– Send out a person thank you card

– Send out to loyal customers a special offer or discount

– New Pricing Structure

– Website updates

– Seasonal Discounts

– Recruitment for new staff

– Entice new clients with special offers

– Competitions

– Follow up correspondence for trade fairs or exhibitions

The list is endless!


– Direct Mail has an average of 4.4% response rate compared to only 0.12% from email marketing and only 0.05% from most leaflet distribution.

– 91% of ALL personalised Direct Mail is opened

– 27% of Direct Mail is saved for future reference

– 15% of Direct Mail is given to a friend or member of Family

– 7.8% of women who receive Direct Mail takes action

– 5.6% of ALL targeted Direct Mail generates an immediate call to action

Using our services saves time and money!

– We can select the exact target personalised audience for your Direct Mail activity from  our sourced Database

– We can design your Direct Mail

– We can post or Hand deliver your Direct Mail at a cost lower than you can do for yourself

Call us today and find out how we can find you new customers, clients or prospects and keep the whole process cost effective, simple and saving you time.