Colour Incorporation

 This month I want to talk about the benefits of colour choice when it comes to business. I’m sure you’ll all agree – design flaws and shoddy penmanship are a huge turn-off when it comes to advertising!!

I have designed a lot of artwork for clients and I soon realised what NOT to do. When I compare my earlier design efforts, and I look at Omni Local magazine’s early years – I’ve actually stunned myself with how much the look and feel has improved!!

Colours are a big factor. It says something about a person and their intentions. You wouldn’t send a letter to someone in all red ink – you’re not marking their schoolwork!

Here are some generalised explanations as to what colours usually represent:-

RED – A strong, bold colour to opt for. It has the potential to really grab somebody’s attention – just be careful they don’t assume the worst, as red can seem demanding!

YELLOW – Not always the best choice for professionalism, but definitely positive/eye-catching and shows your creative, more expressive side.

BLUE – A sophisticated way to demonstrate a calm and collected demeanour – very professional. Though overusing the “cool” concept, will be harder to make things “pop!”

ORANGE – Lighthearted, which isn’t suited to all businesses – however, showing your passion and free-spirit can always be a benefit – especially when advertising exciting events.

GREEN – Offers a pleasant, friendly vibe, though can be seem dull when overused – or a clear campaign for environmental purposes; always a positive – but depends on your business!

PINK – Comforting and gender-neutral. It can be stimulating and shows psychological power – though a tendency to overuse can be physically draining and emasculating, for some.

PURPLE – Not always ideal, but adds a rich, quality feel to an advert. Its rare that anyone feels a compulsion to shades of purple, and it works for Cadbury’s!!

BROWN – Comforting and warm – think hot chocolate, oaky wooden furnishings… However, broad usage can come across as heavy, sometimes dull and masculine – so consider your theme.

BLACK – A timeless classic that really does go with anything! It creates the perception of commitment, dedication and excellence. Just don’t overdo it with the plain and simple!!

WHITE – Creates an elegant cleanliness to an ad, as long as it isn’t too empty. Make any colour by laying it onto a white background (hence, most stock photography).

GREY – Some think damp and dull, however, greys or shades like silver and chrome can also bring a very chic and modern feel to adverts or websites.

The benefits of colour consideration are clear – Find your theme, stay consistent and don’t mix in too many colours at once!!

For more ideas on how to get the most out of your business, feel free to get in touch with me directly….
Until then, stay well everyone!