Business Tip: 5 Ways of Attracting New Customers

Finding new customers always has business owners pulling their hair out. Doing what is right for your business has no template as everyone is different, just like your USP. (Unique Selling Point).
There are a million things you can do, and below are some very obvious ones. Each idea does need some work on, and there are plans required for each one. Keeping in mind the three M’s in Marketing (Message, Market, Medium), see if you can do at least one of these over the next month. I say advertise, but I feel that would be a cheap shot!


1. Run a competition. If you run a competition, make sure you have a great prize. Offering 10% OFF is not good enough. You want to attract as many people as you possibly can, so the prize needs to be something significant.

2. Organise an Event. Why not hold an open day? Organising an open day or evening with free wine & cheese not only gives your customers a chance to meet you, but would also attract curious people you have not yet had the chance to convince to buy from you.

3. Sponsor a LOCAL Charity. If you have the budget, get involved in sponsoring a local charity. Local charities recently have needed a great deal of help and they are very grateful for any support they get. Not only will you be helping out, but you will also be a part of a group of people who get a lot of free PR.

4. Prove you’re an expert. Why not run monthly newsletters or blogs. Offering FREE advice helps gain confidence in the people who may be buying your products or services.

5. Say Thank You! Saying thank you in the right way to your existing customers shows how much you appreciate their money! By doing this, your customers will be happy they used your services and they will tell others. Imagine having 100 people telling everyone they know how great you are.

These ideas sound very basic, and please don’t get me wrong, each of these ideas need thinking about, and need a lot of work. For example, the competition needs marketing, an event needs time, sponsoring a charity needs careful thought to which one and why you are doing it. Proving you’re an expert takes time. On top of that, why don’t you show off your skills? Also, saying thank you needs meaning.

I have hundreds of ideas on how you can boost your business, however if I did, I’d have nothing to write about in the future. So make sure you keep reading the tips, and the most important thing is, make sure you try one or two of them.

If you need any help or want some advice, please feel free to call me.