Call Handling Services for SME’s

Did you know that up to 50% of people who hear an answering machine tend to hang up the phone?

You could be missing half of your calls!

So this is YOU. You are a small business, just about to break that ceiling of being a start-up company to an established business. Your business has been going for about 2-3 years. You have met your targets, business is now making money and you have the dream within reach.

Now, imagine you are standing in front of Sir Alan Sugar; you are in the middle of selling your famous widget and your mobile rings! Or even worse, the calls go straight through to your answering machine!

Trying to get hold of you is Richard Branson! He is returning your call to set up an appointment because he is also, interested in stocking your widget.

What would you do?

How does Richard Branson feel, getting a dodgy answering machine hearing, “SORRY I missed your call…..blah, blah……..”? Or even worse – an SMS saying “Sorry, I’ll call you later”.

Do you think he would leave a message, call you back?

How do you feel when it happens to you? I know how it feels to get an answering machine, especially when I am conducting some telesales. Sometimes, you can’t blame people for thinking – Is this person avoiding me????

Now, put yourself in this position. You are still standing in front of Alan Sugar sorry Sir Alan Sugar, and your mobile is now diverted to a virtual assistant or Call Handler. The phone is then answered “Good morning XYZ Widgets. How can I help you?”. Richard Branson then asks to speak to you. “Please excuse Mr/s Jones, but he/she is in a meeting. Can I help in any way, Mr Branson?”

Mr Branson, sorry Richard, then says that he would like to book that appointment. How do you think he would feel if that person then says “I can do that for you Mr Branson, let me check the schedule. When would be convenient for you sir?”

I know that I would definitely prefer the above than an answering machine!

And how much do you think this would cost? What if I told you this could cost as little as £1.00? Would this be the best pound you have ever spent? I know it would sound like a good investment to me.

Now this is not everyday practice for most of us who run a business, but the help or assistance is practically the same. If you are in a meeting it would be more professional to have someone actually answer the phone and take a message. In this day and age, I feel that we are moving ourselves away from old school personal contact and relying too much on technology, emails and answer machines.

On top of this, the service you offer to potential customers or clients is something many businesses should consider as marketing. Even if the person calling isn’t a client or customer they should still be left with a certain image.

Furthermore, what about those days, when you really can’t get anything done? You have a pile of paperwork which you MUST get through. We have all had days when the slightest thing can distract you. If you are like me, and hate admin, when a call comes in its hard not to show your frustration about the call getting in the way of the thing I am in the middle of doing.

What about when you want to take a break or long weekend. What about breaking up for Christmas?

No matter what business you are in, you can always get your calls answered in a profession manner and maintain a professional image.

How to choose the right Call Handling Service

There are many different services offered by many companies, but I would suggest calling Janine from Zeb.PA. first, and there are 2 main reasons for this:

1. Zeb.PA is an independent small business, who understands each of their client’s individual needs.

2. Zeb.PA is much more than a telephone answering service. They provide vital admin and support functions virtually. A PA service that acts as an integral part of a business, meaning they can handle more than just an inbound call.

Sorry…..3. Zeb.PA is offering a FREE Trial of their services!


But, if you are going to shop around, then ask someone you know if they have used a service. There is nothing like a personal recommendation. Then test the services of that recommendation they are using.

A good professional call answering service can leave you feeling (as a potential client or customer to the business you are calling) confident that you are dealing with a good reliable and professional business and you are happy to buy their services because the person who answered the call spoke to you in the way you would expect to be dealt with.

A good call handling service will be able to help your potential clients. If you use a service like Zeb.PA, they could even book client appointments, chase up payments (credit control), and set up a call transfer if the caller is Richard Branson. This service can be provided anytime, anywhere. If you want to, just divert your calls for an hour a day or even for an entire month, a call handling service can help your business. NOT TO MENTION ALL THOSE DAMNED CANVASSING CALLS FOR PPI!

A call handling service isn’t for everyone, but if you have a lot of inbound calls, or calls to your mobile number, then having someone who can screen the calls saves you a heap of time.

Take a look at Janine’s Website, and think about it…… How much better would your day be if someone at Zeb.PA was looking after your calls?

Tel:     020 8234 6104



Don’t forget to ask for a FREE Trail and let her know that you got her number from Omni Local.