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Omni App Service

We offer two types of smart phone and mobile device applications service. A bespoke App building service and a template service which can be adapted and made to suit what level and type of business you run. We pride ourselves on another one of our cutting edge platforms which not only helps promote your business, makes your business more accessible, but also helps keep customer loyalty and in turn generates more business for you.

Once we have built your App, you then have total control via our content management portal and you can make regular changes and updates in real time.

Why get an App?

It’s official that there are more than a billion smart phones being operated worldwide, and there are more smart phones in the UK than toothbrushes. The usage of applications is expected to grow by 29.8% year on year which means there will be 4.4 billion users by the end of 2017.

Just from this information alone, it is clear that the future of any business must take part in this new era of technology. Even if your website is mobile  optimised, if your customers have an App for your business, they won’t need to search the internet for you. A simple quick click on an icon on their phones gives the immediate access to your services.

5 SOLID reasons why you need to get an App?

1. Customer Loyalty

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Imagine you want to book a table at your favourite restaurant; you want to buy some flowers; you need an MOT! If you had an App, would you use it? Would it be easier to take your phone out and simply click on an icon? How would you feel if you only had the telephone number saved on your phone, and not the App, but online they had a special offer? How would you find out about this?

Now imagine you already have an App for your business. Do you not think it would be great to have special offers which you can change on a daily basis? How would you go about telling your loyal customers about the new deals you have? What about telling your loyal customers about any special events you have coming up? One thing for sure is that email as a marketing platform isn’t as useful as it used to be.

If you had an App, you can change the content, make new offers and even see what customers are saying about your business on a notice board, which is unique to your App.

All this builds an intimate 1-2-1 relationship.

2. Unique Tool

Having an App gives you a platform to get your information, your services and your products to your customers on a level that is easy to use, people like, and keep with them constantly.

3. Extra Awareness

As you own your own mobile App, you will appeal and be visible to new customers that no other marketing platform can reach. Taking into account the mobile craze, new clients and customers are searching for the easiest and fastest way to get information, products and services they want to.

4. Customers 24/7

This is one of the most obvious reasons. Everyone is spending more and more time in the world of their mobile phones. The end of the electric alarm clock was replaced with an alarm on the mobile telephone. How many hours a day are you without your phone? Even sleeping counts…. With your App you know that your business, services and products are always available to them.

5. Staying ahead of the game

It might be true that not many, if any, of your competitors will have an App, but I can assure you within a year they will either have thought about it, or will be building one. Mobile App will be as important, if not more important, to most businesses within 2 years. Without platform, mobile Apps are more and more affordable. With the benefits of owning an App, and the cost of building one means it is more accessible. It’s only a question of time! Being one of the first with an App means you are ahead of the game, and gain the edge over your competitors.

As a small business, it makes sense. In today’s world, if big businesses are investing in Apps then so should you. Why? – Big businesses have to be very careful with their money, and if they use part of a tight budget to be a part of the App era, then this should be an indicator of the future. We offer both ends of the scale. Low cost affordable “local” Apps to high end bespoke Apps.

The Template App – List of options

Splash Screen –

The screen will greet users when they first launch the App

Bespoke design tailored to your business

Main Screen –

Screen will allow user to access other areas of the App

Bespoke design tailored to your business

News Categories –

Group your news into categories

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

News Articles

Create news articles using our content management system

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Users swipe to read the next article

Special Offers

Create up to 5 special offers each day via our content management system

Special offers will send push notifications to users

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Provide details of forthcoming events – automatic archiving of past events

Email the details to a friend

Add the event to your calendar

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Photo Gallery

Add unlimited photos via our content management system

Users flick through to see the images

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Contact details including email, website, phone and Google Maps link to your business

Bespoke design

Upload your music mixes through the CMS

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Your YouTube videos uploaded into the App

Themed design – colours co-ordinate with your design

Users able to submit comments and images via the App

All comments are moderated prior to them appearing on the wall

Comments will be moderated via the CMS


Push notifications, are messages delivered to those who have downloaded your app and accepted notifications. Notifications can be delivered whether or not the user is using the app at the time of send. Done well, they provide breaking news of interest and keep users engaged with your app.

We all know that email marketing doesn’t have the same impact as it used to, so push messaging is like sending a text to all your fans who have downloaded your app, and are your target clients!

The advantages of push:

 Rich media-friendly, unlike email. You can send video, audio, forms, and maps.

 Lower cost and better tracking than SMS.

 No cost to the customer for rich media, unlike MMS.

 It’s not regulated by the FCC or the FTC because it is entirely permission based.

 Can target to events and times when most users use your app.

 Can notify users when a message is waiting, creating an in-app inbox.

 Can incorporate users’ location to deliver relevant content.

 Marketer-friendly interface for campaign setup, send, and reporting. Little IT support is needed.

Examples of notifications that consumers value include sports scores, breaking news, stock movements, game challenges, low bank balance alerts, and auction bid updates – information you want to know now.

Our Template App Service – The process – once you have decided you want an App

1. Together, and with the aid of the styling guide, we gather what you are looking for in the design – We would need you to send any images (logos etc) that you want us to use.

2. We create a sample icon design and our designer then themes the rest of the screens based on the icon.

3. We send the screen images to you for your approval and process any changes.

4. Once the screens are approved we assemble the App.

5. The App is initially connected to a test database so you can see what it looks like with data in and can have a play with it.

6. Once approved the App is connected to their live CMS and push certs are created

7. The App is then submitted to Apple for their approval (3 weeks).

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our App service will generate more business for you. However, this can only be done if you know how to use it. Having your own App is not going to work alone. We will mentor you through from the very first day of launch to help you get the best from your App.

OUCH! How Much? (The Costs)

Before you start thinking ok, I would really like an App, but can I really afford it – Think again!!!

Because we have a customer built template service, the process actually takes out a lot of the work required to start an App from scratch, which means these savings are passed on to you. This being said, it will have the appearance of a bespoke service. You just chose the design, and which of the features you want from the template App list.

On top of this, if you advertise in Omni Local magazine, we can offer you a discount.

STANDARD TEMPLATE SERVICE (standard fixed rates)

Standard Set up Cost

 iPhone** or Android APP – £499.00

 iPhone Plus Android APP – £899.00

Standard Monthly Cost

 iPhone** or Android APP – £60.00

 iPhone + Android APP – £75.00


Fixed advertising terms to qualify are as follows –

Quarter Page – Min advertising period – 3 months

Half Page – Min advertising period – 2 months

Full Page – Min advertising period – 1 months

 iPhone** or Android APP – £399.00

 iPhone Plus Android APP – £699.00

Monthly Cost

 iPhone** or Android APP – £50.00

 iPhone + Android APP – £60.00

**Apple requires businesses to have an Apple account and pay Apple $99 a year to have their App in the iTunes Store. This will be FREE if you advertise in Omni Local Magazine.


If you want a totally bespoke App building service, please let us know what your needs are.