About Us

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Who are we?

Omni Local is a quality FREE local A5 glossy magazine which is published bi-monthly and distributed FREE to 30000 residencies in Kingston-Upon-Thames and surrounding areas. We also distribute over 15000 copies every month to key outlets such as hotels, hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums and theatres, libraries, galleries, record stores and car repair outlets. The total readership of Omni Local is an estimated average of around 100000.

Our FREE high quality LOCAL magazine offers our readers an interesting, different and useful variety of interests such as arts, a selection of puzzles, cooking recipes, Home, DIY and gardening articles, local cinema and theatre guides. We also run a monthly restaurant competition via facebook.com/omnilocal!

For smaller budgets we offer a classified section for local traders to use our magazine as a convenient and value for money platform to find new customers.

Because of the variety of the content Omni Local will appeal to every age group of the community.

Omni Local is published for the local community, with strong local roots. We offer helpful, professional and friendly service, and with our flexible approach, for both readers and our customers. We connect you to the LOCAL residents in a fun and interesting way.

Our aim is to fit nicely between the free-papers, and the glossy magazines but with more ownership to the readers and better value to our customers who advertise with us.

Because of our unique approach our readers won’t simply throw a quality publication away until they have their new issue. Why would they ?