This Months Competition

Syncholistic Yoga

A very different prize for you this month, one to calm you down, improve your mobility and find your balance, ideal for men or women. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Having never tried yoga I was scared to try. I also thought being older and less flexible meant I wouldn’t enjoy it or be capable of joining in, but anyone can benefit! There was a varied age range and bendability, nothing is compulsory and Martina finds alternative positions to suit you personally.

Research states that body language expresses the internal state to the world. This means we can alert people to the way we feel and tap into the body’s cognitive resources of developmental change. Aid your mind, body and spirit by finding better posture, controlling your breathing patterns and opening up to a more active lifestyle.

Martina started running her classes following years of holistic experience and knowledge about happiness and wellness, as well as spiritual evolution. Her classes are beneficial in many ways and will assist in alignment, mindfulness and overall transformation. Classes are held in Martina’s new creative studio with natural light, overlooking a beautiful garden in Kingston Vale.

Meditation and conscious movement helps you regain youth, vitality and even overall concentration. Strengthen your body and aid in joint problems, aches and blockages, as well as improve on your mood and general stress levels. I can think of no better way to open your mind to the wonders of yoga than with the help of Syncholistic Yoga, it has completely changed my view and given me confidence to start a course of classes. It is well worth trying.

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