Omni Local Kingston Winter & Hobbies Edition 2016

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The nights are really drawing in, with the summer now looking a long way behind us. This summer was packed with activities, including local, national and even international events. We had a little lull in events, until Halloween and the Kingston Rotary Club fireworks night. As I write this, it’s just over a week away, but I am sure they will have done a great job! The winter is coming, but there is no reason to be sitting still!

There are so many events happening around Kingston. Christmas Choirs, Concerts, The Craft Fair and lots of shops packed with treats for the Christmas festivities! I love the Christmas period. It is a time for family, love and peace to all good men (and women). This month, we have 2 new advertisers- Panels Plus on page 30 and Synergy Worldwide on page 18!You may have also seen a new section, which is thanks to the Rotary Club. Please help us make their adverts count by giving them a call and let them know you have seen their advert in Omni Local.

Also, if you run your own business, you might like to know about our networking events. We are up to 15 groups, which spread across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, East Sussex and London. Nothing we have achieved has been easy, but it’s thanks to a great team of people, and your support. Thank you so much for keeping us alive! On a personal level, we have just got a puppy at home and all the families and neighbours kids love him. We have had more visitors in one week than we have had all year! It almost feels like Christmas… I just hope the sleepless nights of him screaming for attention start to subside and he feels at home by the time you read this!

Our next issue is all about Christmas….We have no shame about this! It’s a wonderful time of the year, and a time not to forget others in the community. We will be talking about the work that the Rotary do and how you can help everyone in the community at Christmas. In the meantime, please stay safe!

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