Omni Local Kingston Back to School 2016 Edition

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What a busy couple of months we’ve seen in Kingston. Congratulations to IYAF and everyone involved. If you didn’t manage to get to any of the events, you really missed out! Please make sure you get to the next year’s events. They have promised me its going to be even bigger! The fun hasn’t stopped there, with the Kingston Carnival rounding off the summer’s awesome events on the 4th September!

We have been busy as well……The networking business we have set up has exploded! We are now officially up to 15 groups, which span from Heathrow through to Worthing! Our target of getting to 30 groups by Christmas seems a mere question of time.

Oops! – I have done it…..said the C word! – I am looking forward to Christmas this year! Again, Kingston has so much to offer! My favourites are the Eden Craft Fair outside All Saints Church, and the efforts that The Kingston Rotary Club put in with the Santa’s sleigh!

In between them we have the Rotary’s Fireworks to look forward to in November. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for that event!

You will see this month we have a couple of new adverts from The British School of Rock on pg21, Claire Dyson on pg15, an awesome fundraising event from St Raphael’s Hospice which looks like a lot of fun on pg12, and for your web designs Pegasus Creative on pg31.

This month’s competition is from JOY Indian restaurant on page 40! Read the review – We seem to be getting a lot of curry these days. But the quality of each has been great, JOY is up there as one of the best! Congratulations to Tia Smith for winning the meal for 2 from the Boaters Inn, we hope you enjoyed it!

I hope you had a great summer, and thank you so much for your support so far this year.

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