One of our biggest passions as a small business is informing the community about all the brilliant local names out there that haven’t had the recognition they deserve. We have created an online directory in order to give more small (or large) businesses the opportunity to share their services with out readers. Our advertisers mean the world to us, and to our business, and we encourage you all to support your local businesses as much as you can!


Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Local Business Easier.

We aim to do this by offering any establishments within the community the opportunity to advertise their trades and professions.

If you’d like to list your business on our Omni directory, please follow the link by clicking the button below:

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Listings within our directory are only available for a period of 365 days. If you would like to advertise your services for a more long-term period, you will have to renew to claim and re-publish your listing.